Grosse Freiheit 114

Männerwirtschaft mit beruhigtem Gastraum

Grosse Freiheit 114

Grosse Freiheit 114, gay bar in friedrichshain. Founded in 2005, it has since been a popular establishment for neighbourhood night owls and visitors to Berlin alike. We offer great drinks, friendly service, fun, play, and an exciting place for 18+ gay boys who appreciate a close family environment to unload and turn the night into day. Whether playing darts, choosing music on the jukebox, chilling out on the patio, or cruising the calming "guest rooms", with us, no one stays alone for long.

In Grosse Freiheit, all fetishes are welcome, there is no dress code, and entrance is always free.

We have both smoke and smoke free areas to ensure everyone's time is pleasant.


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+49 163 683 16 01
Boxhagener Str. 114, D-10245 Berlin

Office: +49 30 7072 8306

Opening hours:

wed & sat: 19.00-

su-tue: closed